Get feedback on your ideas.

Team up with passionate people.

Change your community. 

Have someone buy you a coffee or beer.

Short for Business Brewers, Brew is a creative community of people who have big ideas. 

Brew is the tool you have been waiting for to make your ideas  happen.

What is Brew?

Brew is mobile app that includes an editor (think Evernote), an interactive community (think Twitter), a feedback system (think Product Hunt) and a meetup system (think

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Brew a business.

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How it works

Sam gets an idea. 

He opens Brew on his phone and writes it down. 

He gives it a name and a brief description and posts it for feedback.

Sam gets a notification in his Brewbox that Emily wants to grab coffee to talk about his idea.

Sam responds with times he is available and his favorite coffee shop.

Keep all your ideas in one place, and share the ones you want.

Keep your ideas completely private, but if you would like feedback or to team up, make it public.

Private or public

Sometimes words alone won't work to get an idea onto paper.

Discover new  ideas and people in your area to meet up with.


Search for ideas and people

Get feedback

Tags for organization

Organize your ideas by category with tags and get discovered.

Let others validate your ideas with a simple four-rating system:

  • Wow
  • Almost there
  • Needs work
  • Don't lose sleep over it

Sketch a drawing

Watch your idea pick up momentum when more and more people want to see come to be. You will have more brews than you have time for!

Discover the best ideas

Ideas with the best feedback quickly rise to the top of the rest

And Get Discovered

One of the things we are most excited about is the following scenario:

Suppose you post an idea on Brew for your city and it is absolutely loved. Your Brewbox gets filled up with beer invites and coffee invites. Instead of meeting individually with each person, why not meetup as a group at the same place and time?

Or, enjoy the free drinks as you meet with people one-on-one.

We will leave it up to you, but we think this is a great way to get a team together to build something great.

Groups or Individuals

How are my ideas protected?

Protecting ideas is a challenge, but Brew has some solutions you may find interesting.

First and foremost, we emphasize that ideas themselves are not worth very much alone. Execution is required to bring value to an idea. We made Brew to connect people and to inspire people to take action. We believe greatness is created when people come together and take action.

Here are our solutions to keep our users' ideas safe:

Network Control

Just like friend requests on Facebook, you can control who follows you. If you get a request from a stranger, don't accept and they will never see your posts.

Private vs. Public

If you really don't want your idea stolen, simply keep them private. It will stay in your phone just like a notepad app. If you decide you would like feedback or would like to meet up with folks, toggle it to public for your network to see.

NDA Gateway

We have developed an Nondisclosure Agreement you can attach to your public posts. If you select this option, it will require viewers to check a box stating that they agree to the terms of the NDA before viewing the full post. While NDAs are not guaranteed, this provides added layer of legal protection and comfort for our users.

The Brew app is being built and a larger website is on the way. The app will be free to download. Sign up today to be notified when the beta version comes out!

Become a Business Brewer

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